栏目:国际应用案例 发布时间:2021-09-08

F3Ultrasonic Flowmeter International Market Application   




       In the face of global climate warming, it is veryevidently important to save energy. They, the original central air-conditioningsystem of a large number of old buildings, are lack of metering, and the energyefficiency is very low. Relying on years of field experience, Gentos has launchedclamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter in response to the situation that it is difficultto install traditional flowmeters in old buildings and has realized theintegrated structure design of the product, only needing four screws. Thespecial insulation sheath reduces the trouble of on-site installation. Itscharacteristic is that it can be measured when it is clamped. There is no needto break the pipe and no need to stop pipeline. At the same time, it supportsWifi function to realize cloud data storage and analysis management. It can beconnected to "Gentos Cloud" or the customer's own cloud data center,meeting data collection under different working conditions and allowingcustomers to customize the content of collected data.

Theabove is the feedback about F3 ultrasonic flow meter from Indian client:


F3Clip-on ultrasonic flow meter

Clip-onadopts integrated design for easy installation. There is no need breakpipeline, stop bump and set up parameter. Only need directly clamp it on thepipeline, and then tighten the screws. It can realize flow measurement as soonas it’s connected to power supply.